Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/18/09 - Chest/Back Day

Today I trained my chest and back. But how you might ask, why these are two major muscle groups!

The key here is supersets. Not only do supersets save valuable time and energy, but you are actually burning MORE calories this way, and these calories will compound with added cardio which will be explained later.

My training today took about 1 hour, and my sets included:

Superset: -Bench 3X10
-Barbell Row 3X8
(Tip: The Key here is to go straight to Barbell Row after bench, then take a 1 min rest)

Superset: -Dumbell Flys 3X12
-Bent Over Lateral Raises 3X12
(Tip: Focus more on technique, dont overload yourself with heavy weight)

-Pull-Ups 4 sets to failure (Failure means doing as many reps as possible per set)

-Cable Crossovers 3X15 (Again focus on technique)

-Pullovers 3X12 (These work your lats, and your serratus mucscles if done correctly)

Cardio: The supersets that you did earlier will put your body in the optimal zone to burn fat calories, think of them as mini sprints, they jumpstart your heartbeat, and your training heavy muscle groups. If your sweating alot after the end of your supersets your on the right track.
  • My cardio included 15-20 minutes on the bike, keeping my RPM at around 80-90. If you can't do this then I recommend "sprinting" on the bike for intervals. This is basically you going all out for 3-5 minutes, resting for 1-2 minutes, repeat.
  • I also did some Martial Arts training, which including practicing the basic techniques of karate, and Jujitsu, this took about 10 minutes. Key here is to not stop, and keeping your heartbeat at a steady pace, keep the punches and kicks rolling thru.
Last but not least STRETCH, not only does it prevent injuries you don't get muscle bound! Stretch each muscle group for a minute.

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